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What is my story?

Martin Matuška was born in the year of the Lord 1979 Handlova.

Planned time of death - 16.1. exactly at 23.56 minutes and 14 seconds at night, sometime between 2100-3600 AD.

He was born into a middle-class family in one of the poorest countries in Europe - the Slovak Republic. He received a basic education, later he continued his education at the secondary industrial school in Handlova, which he finished with a high school diploma. After half a year at two universities, he lost interest in education in state institutions and took full responsibility for his own education.

The consequence of this decision cannot be evaluated as ideal from the point of view of a possible "career" in the ordinary consumer world. He made a living by doing part-time jobs, after construction, as a furniture mover, waiter, croupier, assistant cook, dishwasher, taxi driver...

He stayed the longest as a production preparation technician for plastic windows in his hometown. After a while, he left this job in order to earn extra money abroad (Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic). The latter job was killing him, and he used his free time to capitalize on his lifelong passion for reading books and develop his skills as a storyteller-writer. For the first time, he published the short story "Vrátnik" in the magazine Fantázia. After that, he began to engage more actively in published creative work. He translated a few short stories from the German language and started the creation of his own internet fanzine.

For this activity, he was awarded the European Science Fiction Society (Eurocon) Awards for 2005.

He was also one of the finalists published in Krutohla's anthology - the Gustáv Reuss Prize.

In the meantime, he wrote books in a "drawer" and fought his way through life.

Subsequently, in the growing age of the Internet, he tried to publish two of his books. One of them is the novel Steron, which we present on this portal. After the failure of mainstream publishing houses, he embarked on a journey of self-reflection, questioning existence, studying philosophy, psychology, but also many others and untangled the programs of his own faulty thinking, placing expectations in others, and decided to self-publish a book. Based on newly acquired experience from workshops and self-improvement, he made another proofreading of his novel written almost 20 years ago and is now bringing it to the public.

Like most writers, he had trouble getting a hold of automated work, and one could say - he was miserable.

After losing his job in 2022, he shut himself up in a semi-secluded cabin and meditated there for several months, finishing the proofreading of his book, until he came up with an idea for a campaign that has no parallel in the world.

And here I am...

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